Random Photo – Glacier Walking

A small group of glacier walkers is dwarfed by the magnitude of the ice as they descend towards the edge of the Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentine Patagonia.
A small group of hikers is dwarfed by the magnitude of the ice as they descend towards the edge of the Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentine Patagonia.

A quiet moment on call has me trying to make inroads into the photographs from our Patagonian explorations last October.   Here’s an image that was immediately emotive:  A group of hikers on a guided exploration of a small part of the Perito Moreno Glacier as dwarfed by the immense magnitude of the ice.  I love the mystery and majesty of glaciers; the idea of such harsh hardness being in constant flux, constantly flowing between accumulation and ablation while appearing immobile.  You can explore a glacier for an entire day, convinced of its permanence, and then return the next to find the landscape changed, fresh and beaconing with new discoveries.  The mute whiteness from afar disguises endless shades of blue, and the stark purity of the ice unfolds to reveal the pebbles and dirt it has collected along it’s course, like a child of the wilderness who can’t return from an adventure unsoiled.

Altona PPG

Great flight for two hours on a beautiful morning today.  Took off over mist-shrouded fields and landed 82km and two hours later back at the Altona airstrip to find a large group of PPG and microlight pilots chatting in the sunshine… and offering me a fresh up of coffee.  Can it get better?

Watch in HD if you can!

SASA 2014 – Rough Notes – Full Set

SASA 2014 Synergy Logo

What a whirlwind!  The 2014 South African Society of Anaesthesiologist’s national congress has come and gone, and the full 6 days are a barely distinguishable blur in my mind.  After presenting 5 talks and workshops, sitting in every lecture I could attend and the nearly daily evening functions I am completely exhausted but still exhilarated.  Kudos to the organisers and staff.

As usual, I have made a set of rough notes, which you may download here.  Please feel free to share the link if they are useful.  Beware that there may be errors or misunderstandings, as I take these down in real time during the talks and often only write what I consider to the be core messages.  There are some links in the notes to other web resources and presentations.  My presentations are accessible here.  Click the link below to open and/or download the full set of my rough notes:

SASA 2014 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Full Set

In the spirit of #FOAMed, Eric Hodgson and Prof Robert Dyer have also allowed links to their talks and resources.  You can open or download these here:

Eric Hodgson – What’s Changed in Airway Management – SASA 2014

Eric Hodgson – Heart Failure: Not only Systolic – SASA 2014

Prof Rob Dyer – Trends in Anaesthetic Management of PPH – SASA2014

If you are a speaker or have resources you’d like hosted online for open access, I am very happy to facilitate this free of charge (I maintain this site at my own expense, and am dedicated to open science and education).  You comments are welcomed – post below or drop me a mail.

SASA 2014 – Rough Notes – Refresher Course

Here is a gratuitous photo from Sun City and my rough notes from the 2014 SASA Congress Refresher Course.  Please accept with the usual caveats regarding possible errors and being an incomplete impression.  Some fascinating talks.  Also, I have below a link to Dr Eric Hodgson’s slides on from his talk on Cardiac Failure.  Enjoy!

SASA 2014 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Refresher Course

Eric Hodgson – HF not only Systolic – SASA 2014

A beautiful afternoon on the grounds of Sun City, South Africa
A beautiful afternoon on the grounds of Sun City, South Africa

SASA 2014 – Rough Notes – Refresher Day 1

My rough notes from the first day of the 2014 Refresher Course.  Please feel free to share this link if you find them useful.

SASA 2014 – Ross’ Rough Notes -Refresher Day 1

Professor Rob Dyer has kindly agreed to share his presentation in the form of the slides, which you can download here:

Prof Rob Dyer – Trends in Anaesthetic Management of PPH – SASA2014

The postpartum haemorrhage blood loss estimation poster which is included in the rough notes and presentation can be downloaded as a single image here:

Visual estimation of obstetric blood loss
Visual estimation of obstetric blood loss

SASA 2014 – Rough Notes

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

The annual congress of the South African Society of Anaesthesiologists has come around again, so I’ll be trying to post my traditional rough notes in one or two editions a day.  Please note the usual disclaimers about this being my own interpretation, not reviewed, etc yada fishpaste.

First morning of notes here:

SASA 2014 – Ross’ Rough Notes – 2014_0315_v1

Patagonia photos are coming…

Yip, the blog has been somewhat silent the last few months.  Life, in contrast and by way of explanation, has been very full.  I hope to post some more content soon, but rest assured that I am working on it in the meantime.  Here’s a random snippet:  Fran in Torres del Paine, Patagonia, looking epic (and relieved) in her First Ascent gear, descending from the (closed for winter) Garner Pass.

Fran looking epic in her First Ascent winter gear
Fran looking epic in the snow

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