About WildMedic


I’m sure if you’ve stumbled across this blog it is due to an interest in the wilderness, medicine, aviation, or some combination thereof.  If you’ve just wandered along, recall that ‘not all who wander are lost’, make yourself comfy and look around.  Although I’m an infrequent blogger, I try to include useful information and resources in-between my musings.  For the larger body of writing, information and images specific to my time on expeditions to Antarctica, look at my AntarcticDoctor blog (although I do post expedition stuff here as well).  This WildMedic blog is for everything else; adventures, meddling with aviation, philosophising, quirky medical anecdotes and whatever tweaks my fancy.

I’m a doctor trained and practising in South Africa, with primary interests and experience in the fields of anaesthesia, trauma, emergency, critical care, wilderness, pre-hospital and aeromedicine.  I’ve spiced things up with some Antarctic expeditions, and have too many outdoor hobbies…but everyone has to have vices.  I have a beautiful talented wife, an awesome baby daughter, a loyal labrador, and live in the best city in the world (Cape Town!).

You can check out my passion for #FOAM at OpenAirway.Org.  Nothing in this blog is meant to be used as a replacement for sound medical judgement by a licensed doctor who is physically present, so please don’t use it as such, ok?

Enjoy 😉

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