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Airway Pathology Pic-of-the-Week – 2014_0811

I got a good response to a missive sent out via email, so we are trying this again. This is what I sent previously:

Vocal cord papilloma

Numerous people responded correctly. It is indeed a papilloma, which was causing variable obstruction as it swung back and forth through the vocal cords on it’s pedicle. It was managed by videolaryngoscopic intubation with a microlaryngoscopy tube (MLT) followed by surgical debulking by the ENT. Here is a nice simple summary of MLTs and other special ETTs used in ENT surgery, although they erroneously attribute the acronym RAE. ¬†Click here for more about ETTS and to see the correct source.

Pic for this week:

This is a bronchoscopic view from the mid-tracheal level in an infant. Can you tell:
A) What is going on here?
B) Is there a classification system for this pathology, and can you fit this case into it?
C) What is the main challenge and advised technique for dealing with this airway?

Let me know if this is interesting/useful ūüėČ

SASA 2014 – Rough Notes – Full Set

SASA 2014 Synergy Logo

What a whirlwind! ¬†The 2014 South African Society of Anaesthesiologist’s national congress has come and gone, and the full 6 days are a barely distinguishable blur in my mind. ¬†After presenting 5 talks and workshops, sitting in every lecture I could attend and the nearly daily evening functions I am completely exhausted but still exhilarated. ¬†Kudos to the organisers and staff.

As usual, I have made a set of rough notes, which you may download here.  Please feel free to share the link if they are useful.  Beware that there may be errors or misunderstandings, as I take these down in real time during the talks and often only write what I consider to the be core messages.  There are some links in the notes to other web resources and presentations.  My presentations are accessible here.  Click the link below to open and/or download the full set of my rough notes:

SASA 2014 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Full Set

In the spirit of #FOAMed, Eric Hodgson and Prof Robert Dyer have also allowed links to their talks and resources.  You can open or download these here:

Eric Hodgson – What’s Changed in Airway Management – SASA 2014

Eric Hodgson – Heart Failure: Not only Systolic – SASA 2014

Prof Rob Dyer – Trends in Anaesthetic Management of PPH – SASA2014

If you are a speaker or have resources you’d like hosted online for open access, I am very happy to facilitate this free of charge (I maintain this site at my own expense, and am dedicated to open science and education). ¬†You comments are welcomed – post below or drop me a mail.

SASA 2014 – Rough Notes – Refresher Day 1

My rough notes from the first day of the 2014 Refresher Course.  Please feel free to share this link if you find them useful.

SASA 2014 – Ross’ Rough Notes -Refresher Day 1

Professor Rob Dyer has kindly agreed to share his presentation in the form of the slides, which you can download here:

Prof Rob Dyer – Trends in Anaesthetic Management of PPH – SASA2014

The postpartum haemorrhage blood loss estimation poster which is included in the rough notes and presentation can be downloaded as a single image here:

Visual estimation of obstetric blood loss
Visual estimation of obstetric blood loss

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Full set

Wow, I’m exhausted. ¬†The 2013 South African Society of Anaesthesiologists congress was a fabulous success, with huge kudos going to the local and national bodies who did all the hard work. ¬†I was particularly gobsmacked by the quality of the registrar presentations, but everything from the overseas guest speakers down to the ice-cream stand was great. ¬†Some contentious issues, some good arguments… and some bad ones ūüėČ

Due to the nature of the multiple streams, I attended a fraction of the talks and didn’t even take notes for all of those, but this year’s “Rough Notes”¬†compendium¬†still runs to 41 pages. ¬†I’ve caught up the talks of the first day of the refresher that were missing, and tried to correct the blatant typographical errors and mistakes. ¬†Please feel free to share the link, with all the usual disclaimers:

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Complete Set

SASA have also made many of the abstracts (especially the guest speakers) available in the latest issue of SAJAA.  You can find the Table of Contents and links to the full PDFs here:

SAJAA 2013 Vol 19, No 1:  Table of Contents

Your feedback and/or comments here on the blog are always welcomed.  Enjoy!

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Congress Day 2

I was taking part and listening to the Registrar Communications stream for most of the day today, which was absolutely fantastic (even if I say so myself!). ¬†The quality was phenomenal. ¬†As a consequence of doing my own talk, however, I didn’t transcribe all of the others. ¬†Here’s the rest, and some updated notes:

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Congress day 2 (incomplete)

My talk (on Confined Space Intubation) is available on the Presentations page here on the blog.

SASA 2013 – Rough Notes – Congress Day 1

The first day of the main congress has just been completed. I felt strongly about attending the registrar research stream in the afternoon after the plenaries, which proved to be fascinating and of very high quality. Unfortunately, my battery again suffered for the last two talks, so I apologize that those were not transcribed. The notes from the first day of the refresher still need to be completed, but here is the draft in the meantime:

¬†SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Day 1-3 (incomplete)

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Day 2

Here are the updated notes after the second day of the refresher course.  I still have to find a chance to transcribe the notes from yesterday after my laptop battery died.  Day 2 is complete.

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Day 2 (incomplete)

SASA Congress 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Refresher Day 1

SASA 2013

The annual South African Society of Anaesthesiologists Congress for 2013 is underway in Port Elizabeth, where we are being treated to good organisation, excellent weather and great hospitality. ¬†I’m trying to keep some rough scribbles to jog my memory down the road. ¬†As usual, I offer these notes to the wider community with the caveats that they are typed by me very rapidly during the sessions, and thus may have errors in typography or interpretation. ¬†They are also not a complete record, but rather the points that I think valuable/interesting and manage to transcribe in time. ¬†If you find them useful, feel free to share the link.

Day 1’s notes are incomplete, as my laptop battery didn’t last all day. ¬†I’ll type the rest when I have a chance. ¬†A complete set of notes will be posted here on the blog when the congress is completed, and I’ll try provide links to any presentations and a copy of our poster etc.

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Day 1

The PE crowd also treated us to a great party on the beach last night, replete with live music and a ‘Red’ theme…which may be a reason the first session this morning was slightly less full than yesterday. ¬†My typing speed may also have suffered ūüėČ


Paediatric Videolaryngoscopy gets a PACSA update, and some posters materialise…

As mentioned before, I’ve been influenced by several good examples and mentors – and the burgeoning Open Access movement – to share knowledge and academic resources freely. Recently, a book recommended by an academic friend made me pause for thought: the incredible wealth of effort and info that goes into conference presentations and posters almost never makes it into the accessible media. With that in mind, here is a (small) contribution: I updated my Prezi presentation on paediatric videolaryngoscopy for PACSA 2012 (very nice when a talk made for 15 people graduates to a conference featuring speakers from 5 continents!), and have also added past and present congress posters to the Presentations page. Hopefully someone somewhere sometime will find the resources useful. Enjoy.

Video Games Save Lives – PACSA 2012 Airway Workshop

PACSA 2012 – Notes & Abstracts

I’m currently sitting in the last panel discussion for this year’s Paediatric Anaesthetic Congress of South Africa (PACSA 2012). ¬†I’ve made rough notes of the congress; the full set can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the link below. ¬†The congress book of notes and abstracts is absolutely fantastic, and as it will be released to the public I have created a link here. ¬†More information on the meeting can be found on the PACSA 2012 webpage. ¬†Please feel free to share the notes; you can mail the link to this post or to the notes themselves. ¬†Enjoy!

PACSA 2012 – Ross’ Rough Notes

PACSA 2012 – Official Notes & Abstract Book

Usual disclaimer applies regarding lack of peer review, my personal interpretation, errors may exist, yada yada fishpaste.