Paediatric Videolaryngoscopy gets a PACSA update, and some posters materialise…

As mentioned before, I’ve been influenced by several good examples and mentors – and the burgeoning Open Access movement – to share knowledge and academic resources freely. Recently, a book recommended by an academic friend made me pause for thought: the incredible wealth of effort and info that goes into conference presentations and posters almost never makes it into the accessible media. With that in mind, here is a (small) contribution: I updated my Prezi presentation on paediatric videolaryngoscopy for PACSA 2012 (very nice when a talk made for 15 people graduates to a conference featuring speakers from 5 continents!), and have also added past and present congress posters to the Presentations page. Hopefully someone somewhere sometime will find the resources useful. Enjoy.

Video Games Save Lives – PACSA 2012 Airway Workshop

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