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Invasive blood pressure monitoring in the aeromedical setting

Presentation for the Red Cross Air Mercy Service (where I am a regular volunteer flight doctor) today.  One of these days I will get around to narrating all these Prezi talks.  My friend a colleague Jo Park-Ross from AMS and #badEM has made a video podcast of the talk – will post the link when it is up and running. 

Airway presentation & page update

I have uploaded a new presentation titled ‘What I Am Thinking About When Working With Airways‘ which was created for our institution’s Anaesthetic Nurse Short Course. It’s a Prezified distillation of my thoughts, tips, tricks and tribulations; don’t expect a lot of text. The audience seemed to enjoy it – hopefully it is useful to stir some ideas. The link and a fully browsable window of the Preza are to be found on the Presentations page. Photos that aren’t mine are collected from Google. (Google is like a gum elastic bougie… your friend in times of need!)

I’ve also done some housekeeping on the page and made theme-sorted direct links immediately available. Check it out and feel free to comment.

The Prezi’s need some time to load all the images if you don’t have a fast connection. Please note that these presentations are intended for a medical audience and may contain images some individuals could find disturbing.

Quick snaps… Agusta 109 ZS-HMD

Recently I was at the Red Cross Air Mercy Service hangars at Cape Town International Airport to work on a pilot study (pun intended) for my master’s research project.  I was lucky to catch (and use) the beautiful Agusta 109.  Here are a couple of hasty snaps:

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New aeromedical presentations available

I’ve uploaded another two talks onto the ‘Presentations’ page.  These are lectures I gave recently as part of the ILS Aviation Health Care Practitioner’s course at the Red Cross Air Mercy Service here in Cape Town.  The should be considered introductory, and there is a lot of (verbal) content not in the presentations, but the framework may be of interest.  I’m getting more familiar with using Prezi and liking it more every time.  Click the arrows to advance or rewind through my sequence.  FYI – You can click, drag and zoom freely at any time, and return to the sequence by clicking on the arrows again.  Enjoy!