PACSA 2012 – Notes & Abstracts

I’m currently sitting in the last panel discussion for this year’s Paediatric Anaesthetic Congress of South Africa (PACSA 2012).  I’ve made rough notes of the congress; the full set can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the link below.  The congress book of notes and abstracts is absolutely fantastic, and as it will be released to the public I have created a link here.  More information on the meeting can be found on the PACSA 2012 webpage.  Please feel free to share the notes; you can mail the link to this post or to the notes themselves.  Enjoy!

PACSA 2012 – Ross’ Rough Notes

PACSA 2012 – Official Notes & Abstract Book

Usual disclaimer applies regarding lack of peer review, my personal interpretation, errors may exist, yada yada fishpaste.

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