SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Full set

Wow, I’m exhausted.  The 2013 South African Society of Anaesthesiologists congress was a fabulous success, with huge kudos going to the local and national bodies who did all the hard work.  I was particularly gobsmacked by the quality of the registrar presentations, but everything from the overseas guest speakers down to the ice-cream stand was great.  Some contentious issues, some good arguments… and some bad ones 😉

Due to the nature of the multiple streams, I attended a fraction of the talks and didn’t even take notes for all of those, but this year’s “Rough Notes” compendium still runs to 41 pages.  I’ve caught up the talks of the first day of the refresher that were missing, and tried to correct the blatant typographical errors and mistakes.  Please feel free to share the link, with all the usual disclaimers:

SASA 2013 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Complete Set

SASA have also made many of the abstracts (especially the guest speakers) available in the latest issue of SAJAA.  You can find the Table of Contents and links to the full PDFs here:

SAJAA 2013 Vol 19, No 1:  Table of Contents

Your feedback and/or comments here on the blog are always welcomed.  Enjoy!

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