2012 SA Society of Anaesthesiologists Conference – Day 3

That’s all, folks… the 2012 SASA Congress is over.  Great gala dinner last night as well: I found myself getting jiggy on the dancefloor with people who I’ve read in the Lancet/A&A/NEJM/etc.  Makes you remember that we’re all people at the end of the day, and just about all of us share in the love of a good party.  Today was also a shorter day, ending at lunchtime with a great pro-con debate on Evidence Based Medicine which was both serious and very funny.  I’m afraid the notes don’t do it justice, but that’s why you have to submit abstracts, give lectures and get to conferences!

I’ll combine all the notes into one document at some stage, but for now here are my notes from the last day:

SASA Congress 2012 – Ross’ Rough Notes – Congress Day 3

Quip of the day:  The forensic psychiatrist who gave the lecture on “The Disruptive Doctor” comes on stage and peers out over the packed auditorium.  “Interesting,” he says, “I had no idea so many anaesthetists wanted to see a psychiatrist!”

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