Pacific Crest Trail Map

Another Hofmeyr Adventure(r)

We Hof’s are fairly well known to be difficult to pin down w for too long: the call of the wild is too strong to resist.  My younger brother Stephen (not to be confused with the singer of the same name) is no exception.  Although he is often to be found tweaking a PC or other gadget for it’s last speck of performance, he’s an accomplished outdoorsman in his own right.  We share a love of mountaineering and the backcountry, and he takes great pleasure in reminding me that he has bested my highest climb (sans aircraft) when he summited Kilimanjaro.

Steve has taken some time off now to lose (or find?) himself in the wilderness, and in searching for a suitable challenge discovered the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA.  The PCT covers more than 2600 miles (4200km) as it traverses wilderness areas right up the west coast of the USA from the border with Mexico to Canada.  It’s more than just a walk in the park; around 300 hikers set out each year to complete the full distance, and only half make it all the way.  Click on the small map image for much more detail.

Pacific Crest Trail Map

Steve is blogging his experiences on the trail whenever he stumbles across a campsite with any form of internet access (much of it written on his Kindle, believe it or not!), which allows a lot of insight into the mindset of the lone thru-hiker.  He’s currently hunkered down in a shared hotel room in a place called Idylwild due to an unexpected 8-inch snowstorm.  Go check it out on

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