Huh? WildMedic?

…is pretty much what you have to be asking.  Well, there is method in the madness 😉

“WildMedic” is a username/avatar I concocted many years ago to express my twin loves of the wilderness and medicine, and the natural combination thereof – wilderness medicine.  By the time my mouse button returned to the raised position after clicking ‘confirm’ I realised the potential confusion – few patients want to think of their doctor as wild!  (Caring, considerate, learned, professional… all good… but wild?)  In the end, however, it stuck.  There _is_ something wild in my heart, but wild like a wolf running silent through a starlit snowy forest:  untamed but controlled, spirited but spiritual.

I began blogging when I journeyed to Antarctica as the expedition doctor and leader of the South African National Antarctic Expedition in 2007-2009, which you can read about in my AntarcticDoctor blog.  Writing brings me some pleasure, and the positive feedback has spurred me to continue, albeit in a sporadic fashion.  Hence, we arrive at this WildMedic blog.  Expect varied content – I write when the muse strikes and photograph when faced with inspiration – but please enjoy, comment when you desire, and click the little red button in the top right hand corner when you tire…  😉

AntarcticDoctor will continue later this year when I return to Antarctica for the summer, but I will make sure that the content is frequently cross-posted here, so set up an RSS feed or check back frequently.


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