Locum MO position on Tristan da Cunha

An interesting position has emerged – Tristan da Cunha Island is looking for a locum medical officer for a limited period of time. See the info below:

“The usual contract is 12-24 months. There is however now an unusual
opportunity. They are struggling to find a replacement doctor. So
much so that they may be willing to break it up in periods of a few
months each (depending on the schedule of the supply ship – see
attached schedule) till the end of September. At the moment there are
two windows of opportunity: 26 May to 18 July and 18 July to 2
October. Perhaps the latter may still be broken up as well but the
ship’s schedule is not known yet.

There are some interesting You Tube video clips here.

As can be expected there will be the occasional medical emergency
(MI, heart failure, etc). Obstetrics is also a required skill – a
baby will be due in June. However, on the rare occasion you need to
be able and willing to give an anaesthetic / spinal and then do the
surgery yourself (eg c-section, appendectomy etc). There are 5 nurses
that can give a hand.”

You’d need to be at least and MO with relevant qualifications and experience – contact me if genuinely interested.

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