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Diving in Mozambique

Yip… we wrote a book:

Labour of love and quite a few years work: my mother Robynn and I have written a guide “by divers for divers” to the dive resorts of Mozambique.  This was more of a challenge than anticipated, as the sociopolitical climate in Mozambique means that there is a continually shifting landscape when it comes to dive operators, and some significant regional differences.  Although there are some very well established resorts and operators, many of the smaller, newer or more exclusive venues are unknown, and no-one could give an accurate estimate of the actual number.

The book has been thoroughly researched but is filled with actual impressions and practical reviews of the many resorts, and is worth acquiring simply for the hundreds of original photographs from a plethora of contributors.

It is available from September 2017 from various online vendors, and SA bookstores.  Click here to go to the publisher’s site to purchase a copy.